Become a "Whats your Fantasy" Consultant



AkFantasies is an Australian owned company marketing adult products to Couples, Men, Women, and all LGBTQI, direct to the customer through a party plan system. This system offers you the opportunity to present these products to small groups of people in hostess' homes or direct to customers from your own home and earn money.

Why Become a "Whats your Fantasy" Consultant ?

We provide consultants with the freedom to set their own terms.  The number of parties you hold per month is entirely at your own discretion; hold one a month or four a week it's up to you how much you want to earn.

“What’s your Fantasy Parties”  consultants earn up to 40% of total sales, which goes immediately to the consultant. We recognise that the consultants do a lot of work and deserve the rewards without having to wait for monthly paydays.

There are no compulsory meetings, you don't have to report to anyone.

You as the Consultant

Your success as a consultant depends on the partnership between you and your hostess and of course both people must be rewarded. You receive income and your hostess receives big discounts and free products. Even though you are in business for yourself, you are not in business by yourself and you will be provided with all the support and training necessary to kick start your new opportunity with nothing but success.

Your Income

At an average party your hostess usually invites 10 - 15 people, about 8 - 10 normally attend with about 6 -8 people buying our products. Your income will be up to 40% of total sales with this going directly to you at the time of sale. Your return is not dependant on your monthly turn over; you earn this amount from the first item you sell. You then purchase the items for the order directly from our web site at consultant prices Pay the Postage and you keep the difference, you then distribute the orders to your Guests. There is no waiting for a monthly or fortnightly payment from the company.

The way to start

Fill out some forms and an agreement then pay for a kit and start partying. Training is available on request and one on one support is included. To build up your party bookings you can start by Inviting 5 Friends; 5 Relatives; 5 Acquaintances, 5 Neighbours, 5 Co-workers and 5 Kid contacts to help get you started. Don't pre-judge people's reactions; you will be pleasantly surprised by how many people are excited about being asked!! 

New products

To add variety and interest to the range we on occasions introduce new products and you may add them to your kit for the discounted consultant price.

Pre-requisites for becoming a Party consultant

All consultants must be over 18, have a car, reliable phone, and access to the internet.

All new consultants need to submit the following:

  1. The completed application form and agreement.
  2. Pay your application fee and then a Consultant Kit that suits your budget.
  3. Copy of Drivers licence (proof of age)

Consultants need to:

- Pay for orders through Credit Card before orders can be processed.

- All orders will be submitted via

- All items are subject to availability and may change without warning.

Credit Card Facility:

Consultants are able to process credit and debit cards using your Smart Phone. This will greatly enhance your sales average. Customers are not limited by the amount of cash that they carry. The cost is minimal and is far outweighed by the benefits to your customers and the increase in your sales.

By joining AkFantasies you will be able to:

- Have FUN while earning a great income.

- Have flexibility to earn when it suits you & work as many hours as YOU want

- Earn extra income to pay off your mortgage or go on that dream holiday

- Enhance your social life and meet new and fun loving people

- Increase your self confidence while making a good income

- Establish your own ongoing business

- Free ongoing training is available.


To join you just need to complete the application forms and pay $200 for your first Product Beginner Kit. 

This means you get the business kit, and an invitation to the Secret Facebook Consultant Group, Gift bags for guests 

You can then buy more Product Kits to build your selling potential.

To receive your application and become a Party Consultant, or if you have any questions, please call us on - 0438 627 599 or Email